March 15, 2008

My name is Sean, and this is my blog. 

Lignamorren is my own personal word.  It’s been rattling around in my noggin since I was a little kid.  It never really had a meaning.  It’s pronounced with a hard G, not a “nya” like “lasagna”, and you roll the Rs a little; to me this gives it a little of a Gaelic feel (not that I know a word of Gaelic).

In this age of ever-growing numbers of logins and screennames, I realized it would be nice to have one that no one else was likely to have come up with.  For my first personal, paid email account (as opposed to a school one) I was lucky enough to score the login “sean”, and to this day I periodically get mail meant for some other Sean.  Likewise, I was an early subscriber to Mac.com, and again, I get a lot of crap meant for other guys named Willard. So I wanted something fairly simple, but unique.

I had always been reluctant to share my own secret word in this way, but it was time.  First it was a domainname: Lignamorren.com.  Then my deviantArt account name.  Then I saw that you could change your LiveJournal username, and behold. But now LiveJournal has announced that they’re doing away with new Basic accounts.  If you’re not already an LJ user, you get ads, or you pay.  That bodes ill.

So as a backup, kind of, here’s my new WordPress blog.  I have a lot to figure out about how I want to use it, how it’s going to be different from LJ, and so on. I am pretty sure it’s going to lack a lot of the social aspect of LJ, but I’m not going to shut down the LJ account any time soon.

Perhaps the best model for this would be Telecommuniculturey, wherein a friend of mine reposts the more impersonal content from her friends-only LJ.  The differences are that I’m generally more open about my online identity than she, using my real name on my LJ page (and here, if you can put two and two together); I only lock the more sensitive of my LJ posts; and if it’s at all work-related (as almost none of my online postings have been), I’ve a place for that too: my Sun blog.

It’s sad, really.  I always get caught up in toys.  And here I am playing with all these toys for social interaction and communication, when I frankly don’t have much to say.  I barely have material for one sporadic journal, and here I am launching my third.  Well, if I ever do get a life, I’ll be ready to share it with y’all.